Mapping, assessing and validating competences of youth educators working with young migrants and refugees.

Partners from the UK, France Greece, Germany and Sweden are The European Union is facing a relevant inflow of migrants / refugees, however a European standard for youth educators working with migrants, and tools to check the quality of their work is missing.

About the project

This project wants to improve the current situation by mapping the Competence profile of youth educators working with young migrants and refugees, and by developing a methodology for assessment of their competence called expertise checkup, a E-course, course for assessors, a European certification and a register for assessors and youth educators that have passed the checkup.

The checkup will be carried out thanks also to a web platform.The description of the Competence profile of the trainer working with migrants /refugees and the checkup will be based on ECVET, and the map referenced with EQF.

The project consortium is composed by organizations working with young migrants / refugees based in SE, GR, FR, DE, UK.

Approximately over 10.000 youth educators and organizations will be informed about the project, and over 600 youth educators

will be directly involved in it. Long term benefits will be better quality of European youth work with young migrants / refugees and improved recognition of skills of European youth educators.

The project has to be carried out transnationally for three main reasons:

1. because it deals with a challenge that is Europe wide: to set and raise the standard of youth educators working with young migrants/refugees in Europe. The project has to be carried out at European level because most of the youth educators working with migrants/ refugees face the same challenge

2. because by sharing their good national practices the partnership can develop methodologies and tools of higher quality and efficacy  than working only at national level.

3. because transnationality allows dissemination and exploitation of good results at a larger, European scale. The consortium wants

To develop a European certification and a register, and a European network of certified assessors. This way the impact of the project will be bigger compared to project only at national scale.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use, which may be made of the information contained therein Project number: 2017-1-SE02_KA205-001702

Co-funded by the

Erasmus+ Programme

Of the European union