The VAL kick-off meeting was in Folkuniversitetet 10th October 2017 in Kristianstad, Sweden

The project partners discussed the outcomes in the project and tasks delegated to all the participants, the next transnational meeting and milestones decided upon.

VAL meeting in Paris, 12-13 April 2018

An effective meeting, the partners discussed and decided the content of the product - Guide to the expertise check-up with youth educators working with young migrants /refugees

Our deadline for VAL_EUProject is fast approaching and the team is working hard :-) We are also looking at action points from one of the reports from the Collaborative Project students from Loughborough University London ...exciting times for Creating Ground

Creating Ground is 2 years old today  We would like to thank all the people and organisations who have trusted and supported us making all we have done this year possible: our partners Kairos Europe Ltd, Greenwich Migrant Hub, Action for Refugees in Lewisham - AFRIL, VAL_EUProject partners, CaSE Insurance, Loughborough University London, Elfrida Rathbone Camden Page, Universit√† di Pisa, Greenwichwest Community and Arts Centre, Theatre Deli - The Old Library and many more; our funders Swan Mountain Trust, Aviva Community Fund, Santander, Near Neighbours, Church Urban Fund, Erasmus Plus; all the teachers who have attended our training courses and their schools/institutions who have chosen us for their professional development; all the people we are talking to about possible future collaborations; the friends who are always with us along the journey; us the team: Anna, Jamillah, Yewande, Olga, Antonella (+myself) and all the wonderful women we see in our sessions on a regular basis. Thank You for believing in us lots of work to do ahead of us but we face it with joy and determination

Today the project VAL had the kick-off meeting at Folkuniversitetet in Kristianstad, Sweden

The project was presented and discussed and the next transnational meeting and milestones decided upon.

What a great day! Met with Loughborough University London to talk about the Collaborative project, worked on the VAL_EUProject, planned the sessions with Greenwich Migrant Hub and talked about our work at the Greenwichwest Community and Arts Centre's AGM this evening. Great working with you Anna and thanks Marina and Luca for coming along this evening to support us

Working on the VAL_EUProject project funded through KA2 Erasmus+. Do youth workers working with young refugees need specific training, skills and competence? More updates on the project soon